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    Olympian Garden Buildings has an exclusive collection of summerhouses designed to provide that much needed quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, enabling you to fully enjoy your garden all year round. Want to find out more? Just provide us with a few details and we’ll give you a call back.

    What can you use a summer house for?

    A summerhouse is a great place to escape from the humdrum of everyday living; providing an ideal spot to have some quality me-time. When you pair it with gorgeous complementary garden furniture, you can really make your summerhouse your own.

    Summerhouses are incredibly versatile and can be used for a number of different purposes, depending on your needs. Here are just a few ways they can be used to your advantage.


    Do you struggle to find space to store everything in your home? Particularly useful for larger families who have belongings piling up, a summerhouse can provide that necessary storage space to stop your home from getting cluttered. Browse our latest summerhouse with storage designs.

    Gardening hub

    Are you an avid gardener? The great thing about having a summerhouse to store your gardening tools instead of a basic shed is that you get so much more out of your space. A shed is built for storage but a summerhouse can provide a space to relax in after a hard day’s labour of planting flower beds; a spot where you can sit back and admire your work.

    Art studio

    A summerhouse is a great little creative hub for artists, writers and sculptors who need a space for their craft where they will not be disturbed. Your summerhouse can be transformed into a stunning studio space or even a music room, perfect for sparking inspiration.

    Yoga and meditation studio

    The journey to inner peace requires a quiet, relaxing environment free from distractions. A summerhouse can provide a peaceful sanctuary to spread out a yoga mat and practise meditation.

    Garden office

    You can use your summerhouse as a garden office, ideal for remote workers who need a quiet space with no distractions.

    The benefits of having a summer house

    As well as their incredible versatility, summerhouses have a number of key benefits that make them a worthy investment in the long-run.

    You can use your garden in every weather

    Summerhouses allow you to use your garden all year round, whatever the weather! They provide you with that cosy little hub to unwind even if it’s hailing outside.

    Keeps the garden tidy

    It can be easy for gardens to get cluttered with tools and other belongings, taking up unnecessary space that could be put to good use. A garden summer house can store away this clutter and keep it organised, so you can get things out as and when you need them.

    A cost-effective extra living space

    Most homeowners feel that they are lacking in space and an extra room can really make all the difference. Your summerhouse can be used for so many things – a space to exercise, a workshop, a social hub, the possibilities are endless! Investing in a summerhouse is a much more affordable alternative to having an extension fitted or having to relocate.

    Increases the value of your property

    A stylish summer house comes with a host of space-saving, attractive features that can boost the value of your property and reel in potential buyers if you were looking to sell in the future.

    Why choose us?

    With 39 years of experience, we build long-lasting bespoke summer houses and garden buildings designed to transform your garden into a great place to unwind, irrespective of the time of year or weather conditions. Our garden buildings are fully insulated with double-glazed windows, double doors and breathable materials; effective at maximising heat retention and minimising dampness.

    We offer further treatments and painting options to further enhance the strength and appearance of your wooden summerhouse, including a choice of six premium cladding options. All of our summerhouses feature a tough, heavy-duty framework and flooring as well as toughened glass and a five-lever locking system for added security and peace of mind.

    Please come and visit us at our showroom in Cheshire, where you will find the largest display of outdoor and garden buildings in the Northwest. We are open seven days a week so feel free to drop by or alternatively you can call us on 01270 759 775 for an informal chat or to make a no obligation appointment.