All Year-Round, Multi-Purpose Bespoke Garden Building, Congleton

Region: Cheshire

Our customers in Congleton, Cheshire, were looking to create some much-needed additional space to their family home by adding a contemporary garden building.

At Olympian Garden Buildings we put your needs first! Our 35 years of experience allow us to create bespoke garden buildings, summer houses and contemporary garden rooms that match your budget and timescales.

The Project: A Contemporary Garden Building for year-round use

In what was previously an empty back garden with mainly bare lawn, our customer in Congleton, Cheshire, saw an opportunity to create some much-needed additional space for their family.

Our Approach: A 14’ x 10’ bespoke Alderley garden building with a built-in log burner for all year round warmth.

Like many busy, working families, life can seem hectic and they often found themselves in need of somewhere to escape to, be it the children needing extra space to play, the adults needing a quiet place to rewind or additional workspace for when they worked from home.

The brief was to meet all these needs. We built and installed a 14’ x 10’ Alderley garden building, the perfect size for its multi-purpose use. The room, with its feature full-length windows, had comfortable seating areas as you’d expect, but also the unique addition of a log burner to provide year-round warmth.

The building was finished off with an Indian Stone patio, all arranged by the experienced team at Olympian Garden Buildings.