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    Does a garden building add value to your property?

    11 November 2020

    Category: General

    Does a garden building add value to your property?

    Here at Olympian Garden Buildings, we often hear similar questions from clients who want to know more about the process of adding a garden building to your property.

    For some, the most important part of the process is the design of the building, whilst for others it is the installation process and practical matters of construction. For many, however, the choice to add a garden building is impacted by whether or not it adds value to your property – which is certainly an important consideration when it comes to adding a garden building. 

    So – does a garden building add value to your property?

    The short answer is – yes! Read on to find out more about how a garden building adds value to your home. 

    How Does A Garden Building Add Value To Your Property? 

    A garden building can add significant value to your property – and this is especially true if your house is on the smaller side! Of course, this does depend on the garden building itself – we hope that it goes without saying that an older, dilapidated shed in the corner of your garden won’t increase the market value of your house.

    However, the good news is that a stunning summerhouse, a useful workshop, or a separate workspace certainly will. So let’s take a look at why?

    Garden Buildings Add Floor Space

    Potential home buyers are always looking for more space for their money. A quality garden room adds floorspace to your property, including a designated space to work, create, exercise or simply be. Perhaps your potential buyer works from home, and needs a designated space to escape the noise, hustle and bustle of the main house. 

    Alternatively, a garden room can be the perfect space for those who work with their hands, such as carpenters, artists and mechanics, who need space for creating their latest project.

    Whatever their needs, the flexibility of a garden building is important for many and a big consideration when it comes to making an offer on a property.

    Garden Buildings Attract Professionals Who Work From Home

    Flexible working, or working entirely from home, is increasingly common nowadays and a trend only set to continue. Many prospective homebuyers now seek properties with that workspace already in place, to ease into the process of working from home during the tumultuous time of moving house.

    In fact, many small business owners will actually pay a premium for a good working space, as they can offset it against their business expenses – it stops them having to rent an office!

    Garden Buildings Are A Cost-Effective And Quicker Way To Increase Your House Value

    Let’s face it, adding a brick-and-mortar extension to your property can easily run into the tens of thousands! Here at Olympian Garden Buildings, we know that with the nation’s growing families (and our ever-increasing range of equipment from bikes to canoes and tents to tech!) we all need that vital extra space.

    Installing a high-quality outdoor building, which is durable, beautiful and looks great adds value to your property is therefore a much cheaper alternative to having an extension. It’s also important to remember that rather than a new extension taking months, a new addition to the garden area can be installed in just days.

    Quality Is Key

    Beware, with all this positivity – there can be some negatives if your garden building is in a poor state of maintenance! For instance, if a prospective buyer visits your property and sees an outbuilding in poor repair, it could be seen  as an impending expense to replace it, rather than a valuable extra space. 

    Of course, the solution is to make sure you buy a quality building, and have it installed correctly, along with all the planning permissions required. This will be a great ‘tick in the box’ for a prospective buyer.

    Obtain The Proper Planning

    For your own peace of mind, make sure all your planning permissions are in place for your garden building! Of course, you can normally get retrospective planning if the project is within normal planning guidelines, but the last thing you want once all your paperwork is going through is a planning issue to scupper the sale!


    Here at Olympian Garden Buildings, we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements for garden building with you. If you’d like to discuss the best type of building for your garden, please feel free to get in touch with our experts on 01270 350965 and we’ll be more than happy to advise you. Alternatively, please feel free to book an appointment with our viewings team to visit our showroom, where you can find the best kind of garden building to suit your needs.

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