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    Gym Sheds – Transform Your Garden Into A Gym

    26 February 2022

    Category: General

    Gym Sheds - Transform Your Garden Into A Gym

    We all know that it’s really important to keep in shape, but sometimes fitting in going to the gym around an already busy lifestyle just isn’t practical.

    So, what’s the solution?

    Create a home gym in a shed!

    The benefits of a gym shed

    Having your own personal gym is really appealing for a number of reasons. No getting stuck in traffic on the way there and back; no waiting for equipment to become available; it’s more hygienic because only your household will be using it;

    • It’s open 24/7
    • You save money that would have gone on a gym membership each and every month

    Choosing the right garden gym room, be it a shed, workshop, summer house or insulated room is, perhaps, more important than the gym equipment that it will house. After all, if you can’t exercise in it then it’s a bit pointless making the investment. Our most popular buildings for home gyms are the Cheshire Studio and the Alderley summerhouses.

    The best set-up for a garden gym shed

    As a rough guide, a 14’ x 10’ workshop would comfortably house a cross trainer, a Peloton spin bike or treadmill, or rowing machine, and still leave room for some dumbbells and a barbell. It would also provide you with more than enough room to do yoga, pilates, or HIIT classes. Of course, if you want your new gym to feel more spacious, you could always opt for additional windows to flood it with natural light. We can even modify the height and design of your shed to accommodate specific gym equipment for you!

    If choosing a shed or workshop for your home gym, upgrading to a 22mm tongue and groove flooring will create a substantial base for your equipment. This comes as standard if you are choosing one of our Insulated packages.

    You could choose to add rubberised floor tiles in specific areas (post installation) that will not only protect your flooring from impact damage but will also help with preventing slips and injuries, as well as making the shed warmer.

    Another thing to consider is the security of your garden gym building. Home fitness equipment is usually expensive, so you’ll want the shed that you choose to not only be sturdy enough to house all of your home gym essentials but be secure enough to keep it safe. A good lock is essential! UPVC window and door upgrades within our range of buildings come as standard with Yale Lockmaster locking system – providing a high level of security.

    With our sheds and workshops you can add on our extra security options such as high-level security windows (24” x 8”) and a 5 Lever Lock for peace of mind. UPVC doors and windows come complete with a Yale Lockmaster Locking System.

    Want Advice? Call Olympian Garden Buildings


    Create a summerhouse, garden room or shed gym today

    Whatever garden gym room you choose, once you’ve worked out in your home gym you’ll never go back to a communal gym ever again – especially if you work from home and have the convenience of not having to commute to the gym.

    Being able to go to the end of your garden and do your workout in your own private retreat whenever you like – whilst saving money every month – is an investment that you won’t regret.

    Modern streaming services such as Peloton and Les Mills+ allow guided training from the comfort of your own home. Many personal trainers use Trainerize and similar applications to set training plans for you to follow from your garden gym.

    Choose Olympian Garden Buildings to build your dream garden gym

    A home gym can easily be set up in a garden shed, workshop, standard or corner summerhouse, or insulated garden building, and the view from your private gym will almost certainly be better than the one at your old gym! Check out our full range of garden buildings.

    If you have any questions about what sort of shed or garden room you would need to install for your own garden gym, then we’ll only be too happy to help.

    We have over 39 years of experience in helping the people of Cheshire and the surrounding area install garden sheds, contemporary garden rooms, and outdoor buildings to use as personal gyms, so we know a thing or two about meeting our customer’s outdoor gym expectations.

    With two of our directors previously competing internationally in track and field, they have a great amount of experience in training, equipment and the space required to work out from home.

    Tell us about your dream gym shed

    Enter your details and one of our friendly and experienced team will get back to you to guide you on your journey towards transforming your garden into a home gym