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    Make The Most Of Your Garden With An Olympian Garden Buildings Summerhouse

    3 December 2020

    Category: General

    Make The Most Of Your Garden With An Olympian Garden Buildings Summerhouse

    Here at Olympian Garden Buildings, we’ve carefully designed our range of summerhouses to provide you with an idyllic retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    Thanks to the wide array of beautiful designs we have to choose from here at Olympian, our customers can pick the perfect outside space to suit them. Ranging from compact and cosy corner summerhouses to large contemporary summerhouses, our summerhouse collection here at Olympian is bound to meet any requirements you might have.

    From the structure of the roof and walls, to the window design, you can choose each feature of your summerhouse to truly maximise your outdoor space. Luxuriate in the extra space you need, and let yourself fully enjoy your garden all year round, in the comfort of a beautiful Olympian summerhouse. 

    Traditional Summerhouses

    The traditional British summerhouse is a cornerstone of any English garden. Designed with timeless elegance and charm, this range of summerhouses will elevate any outdoor space in which they are installed.

    Of course, traditional doesn’t mean these buildings are boring, far from it! Take the  ever-popular Alderley as an example, with its apex roof and large windows, this summerhouse is a great compromise of tradition with a gorgeously modern twist. (No wonder it’s a favourite with so many of our customers!)

    Our amazing range of traditional summerhouses includes vibrant designs, with a contemporary twist. The quirky hexagonal charm of the Tatton will bring life to any corner of your garden, whilst with its stunning features, the four-sided, hipped roof of the Gawsworth offers the perfect setting for an outdoor yoga studio or at-home gym. 

    And who could forget the beautiful aesthetics and timeless charm of the Georgian summerhouse with its period windows and doors and the Siddington, the traditional summerhouse has kept its status as a classic feature of any outdoor space.

    Corner Summerhouses

    For those searching to make the most of a smaller space, a corner summerhouse offers a perfect blend of style and practicality in a more intimate setting. Clever and compact, this range of summerhouses is designed to fit neatly wherever it is required. Designs like the Corner Gawsworth with its elegant hipped roof, antique hinges and Georgian doors and windows encapsulate all the delicate features you expect from Olympian Garden Buildings, without compromising on the careful construction of larger structures. 

    The Apex Roof Corner Summerhouse is another stunning, made-to-order, summerhouse and is available in a range of sizes, from 7 x 7 to 10 x 10, with bespoke sizing available upon request. 

    Meanwhile, the Pent Roof Corner Summerhouse is designed to slot perfectly in a corner of your garden. Perfectly customisable, this bright and quirky summerhouse truly lets you make the most of your outside space. Win-win! 

    Contemporary Summerhouses

    If sleek good looks and clean lines are more your style, our contemporary summerhouse range is right for you. Beautifully crafted from the finest timber and glass, these versatile spaces offer a fresh twist on conventional summerhouse designs. Perfect for people wanting to create an outdoor space such as an at-home gym, home office or outdoor playroom, this versatile model has an array of options to choose from. Whether you prefer the spacious elegance of the Cheshire Studio, or the bright, airy lines of our timber Bauhaus design, contemporary summerhouses are the perfect blend of modern and timeless. 

    Summerhouses are not just perfect for summer, however. With designs like the Glee Chalet, crafted from superior Swedish timber, Scandinavian cosiness can be brought right to your garden. Boasting angled glazing and a steep pitched roof, snuggle up in the ultimate versatile contemporary summerhouse. 

    Insulated Summerhouses

    Certainly, there are plenty of options available should you wish to use your summerhouse all year round. Elegant and practical, the range of insulated summerhouses available spans both traditional classic models as well as those with a contemporary twist, to suit your aesthetic preferences. Summerhouses with quality insulation don’t have to compromise on style, as you can see from designs like our Insulated Garden Room. Find a relaxing, restful retreat with durability and protection from the element, with our insulated summerhouses. 

    You might even work from home in our insulated Garden Office model, a design dedicated for those who want a dedicated space from which to work. Whatever your insulated summerhouse needs, relax in the knowledge that our experienced team can provide the perfect summerhouse for your needs. 

    Hexagonal Summerhouses

    Our exclusive Tatton range brings modernity to not only style, but shape: the striking hexagonal shape allows you to make the most of panoramic views across your garden. bringing the outdoors in and creating a stunning extension from where to enjoy your garden even on colder days.

    Combination Summerhouse and Shed

    A need often cited by our clients is for a summerhouse with storage. Our range of summerhouses with sheds combine the sleek appearance of our existing designs, such as our Cheshire Studio and Bauhaus builds, but extend their storage capacity to provide you with enough space for your needs.

    In our Combination Cheshire Studio, you enjoy a spacious and natural feel thanks to its full-length windows. Alternatively, our Combination Bauhaus model is bright and airy. Both designs feature an internal partition and separate door ensuring your additional storage doesn’t impact on your living space. Perfect! 

    Expert Help Is At Hand

    Whatever you’re looking for from your summerhouse, our summerhouses will always create a stunning focal point in your garden –  giving you the perfect setting where you can relax, work or entertain. 

    To arrange a consultation with our experienced and professional team, please contact us by email on sales@olympiangardenbuildings.co.uk or call on 01270 759 775. 

    Better still, why not arrange a visit to our factory showroom, where we have over 80 garden buildings to view? Contact Olympian Garden Buildings today to book your viewing, and let us help make your summerhouse dreams become a reality.

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