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    Working From Home? We Can Help!

    29 September 2022

    Category: General

    Working From Home? We Can Help!

    People are striving to find a better work-life balance. And it’s not just ‘working from home’ that is the priority.

    As the pandemic hit and many of us were faced with the reality of working from home, we soon realised that simply being at home didn’t actually bring us the work-life balance we were seeking.

    Trying to work from a crowded kitchen table or a cramped corner of the spare bedroom just didn’t cut it, we needed to be working from home in a space conducive to working!

    Businesses are adapting in a post-Pandemic world, and whether you are self-employed or work for a multinational corporation, for many, working from home is here for the long term, so we need to make it comfortable and practical. And the answer is in your own back garden.

    Garden rooms and insulated garden buildings are the ideal solutions for people wanting to escape the kitchen table and create their own bespoke home office.

    You can save valuable space within the home by taking an unused area of the garden and turning it into your ultimate working environment.

    Why Choose a Garden Office?

    The flexibility of having an office in your back garden allows you to start from scratch and create your ideal workspace with the perfect ambience.

    • Dream of a garden office flooded with light or feel inspired looking out across nature? That can be achieved with bi-fold or sliding doors and full-height windows.
    • Want the convenience of a private bathroom and kitchen facilities? Package can cover all aspects of electrics as required and we work with plumbers who can also assist with the setup of bathroom and kitchen facilities.
    • Need additional storage or a separate reception area to greet customers? A combination garden office can zone your building to your requirements.

    Your every wish could become reality as your garden building would be designed and built bespoke to your needs.

    There will be no need to add a fake Zoom background anymore, your garden office will send out the professional appearance you deserve.

    Multi-occupancy Garden Office

    Garden offices are not, however, just for lone workers. Experienced manufacturers will be able to design and build insulated garden buildings suitable for single or multi-occupancy offices.

    Olympian Garden Buildings have installed large models of their insulated garden studios for use as offices for a wide range of professions, including marketing and design agencies, accountants and financial professionals, and many others seeking to utilise their garden space to create a unique working environment for their teams.

    Money saving benefits

    A key driver that is seeing small, independent businesses seeking alternative office options is the ever-increasing rise in commercial rents. Business owners are struggling to justify the astronomical costs when an alternative option lies at the bottom of the garden.

    There are several cost savings to be made when you choose a home garden office. You can avoid commercial rental prices for a start. The www.gov.uk website has lots of information on how small businesses can offset some of the costs of a garden office.

    Cutting the daily commute will also save you pennies, along with making a positive environmental impact by lowering your personal co2 levels. Avoid the high fuel costs and start your day with a stress-free stroll down your garden.

    Work-life balance

    There’s no denying that the time saved on the commute and the ability to choose your own working hours will allow you to be more flexible when it comes to balancing the more enriching aspects of your life. And having a dedicated work space helps you achieve that.


    Call Olympian Garden Buildings today on 01270 759775 or email sales@olympiangardenbuildings.co.uk and we will find the ideal garden office to bring you a better work-life balance.