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    Building a Legacy: Olympian’s Remarkable 40-Year Journey of Craftsmanship, Passion, and Success

    7 November 2023

    Category: Press

    Building a Legacy: Olympian's Remarkable 40-Year Journey of Craftsmanship, Passion, and Success

    The Cheshire Magazine…5 Minutes with Nick Williams

    As Olympian Garden Buildings prepares to celebrate its 40th birthday milestone, the journey from its modest beginnings to its current success has been nothing short of remarkable. Led by Nick Williams, CEO, the company has navigated through challenges, adapted to changing market trends, and carved out a unique identity rooted in family values and exceptional customer service. Discover the story of Olympian’s legacy and its continuous commitment to crafting luxury outdoor spaces that stand the test of time.


    Q. The company is about to celebrate a milestone 40th birthday in November – talk us through the successes and the challenges that have got you to this stage.

    It may seem obvious, but the fact that we are still here after 40 years, and continuing to build year on year, is a testament to our resilience and commitment. When my father started the company all those years ago, he never envisaged that we would be where we are now.

    We’ve certainly faced our share of challenges, from navigating through recessions to dealing with the complexities of Brexit, and most recently, the impacts of Covid-19. Everyone in the business world faced these challenges, but one of the biggest issues was the scarcity of materials and rising costs. Fortunately, thanks to our long-term supplier relationships spanning many decades, we managed to maintain production and ensure our clients and customers weren’t let down.

    One strategic decision we made a number of years ago was to retain our ‘garden shed’ segment of the business, while also focusing our efforts on garden rooms, bespoke workshops, and studios. This shift has been instrumental in our ongoing success, enabling us to cater to a broader range of customer needs.

    Olympian Garden Buildings

    How important is your location to you and the fact the business is family-run? How has the team developed over the years?

    Being a family-run business is not just a part of who we are; it’s essential to our identity. Our commitment to family values has translated into our level of customer service, which has always been a priority. We strive never to let anyone down because it matters to us personally. I believe our reputation has been built on this foundation, and it’s one of the reasons we’ve been able to achieve the level of success we have.

    Customer feedback consistently highlights that our passion for our products and service shines through in everything we do.

    Our team has grown and evolved over the years. Recently, my son has joined us for his apprenticeship, and we’re dedicated to ensuring he learns from all elements and challenges of the business, carrying forward our legacy. 

    Our leadership team includes my parents, Barry and Julie, who founded the company. We’re also fortunate to have my sister, Hannah, serving as our COO, and my brother-in-law, Ian, who leads as our Director of Product & Installation. All of whom have played vital roles in our journey. We’ve also welcomed the recent additions of key leaders within the company who are childhood friends and share our passion and goals, further strengthening our team.

    Our location in the heart of Cheshire is essential for our operations. We focus our sales within a 40-mile radius of our factory and showroom, allowing us to serve our customers easily. We’ve been in the same premises for 30 years, making it a home we’re proud of.

    Olympian Garden Buildings

    What recent successes have you had?

    One of our most recent successes was our inclusion as exhibitors at the RHS Tatton Flower Show 2023. In our very first year, we achieved a prestigious RHS 5* award for our stand. An accomplishment that is testament to the great teamwork and dedication within our organisation. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from past customers, show attendees, and fellow exhibitors, highlighting that our commitment to quality and service shone through. Additionally, earlier this year, we received the Best Specialist Supplier award at the 2023 Grafters Awards, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

    Olympian Garden Buildings


    Q. How are you set to celebrate your 40th birthday?

    Details about our 40th birthday celebration are being organised by our director of creative & strategy, Louisa. We’re planning something special to mark this significant milestone, so stay tuned for more exciting updates.


    Q. Could you share insights into recent trends in outdoor building purchases and design preferences, and share what you think is driving these changes?

    Over the past five years, we’ve witnessed a significant shift in the way people approach the purchase of outdoor buildings and their design preferences. Five years ago, the emphasis was often on functionality when it came to outdoor spaces. However, today, we’ve observed a notable shift towards creating more usable and versatile gardens. People are investing in their outdoor areas like never before.

    Another key driver in this shift is increased house prices, which have deterred many from moving houses. As a result, homeowners are increasingly focusing on optimising their existing outdoor spaces, transforming them into functional and enjoyable areas.

    We’ve also observed a significant shift in people’s willingness to invest in premium outdoor products, prompting them to seek expert guidance to make well-informed decisions. Consulting with trusted local experts has become a priority for many. 

    We’ve gained the reputation and trust as that local expert, catering to the evolving needs of customers seeking bespoke outdoor solutions designed that are built to last.

    Olympian Garden Buildings


    Nick Williams – CEO, Olympian Garden Buildings

    With over two decades of experience in the garden building industry. Nick has a passion for  designing and constructing outdoor spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, customising each project to meet the specific needs and preferences of his customers. Under Nick’s leadership, Olympian has continued to grow and innovate into one of the UK’s top providers of bespoke luxury garden buildings and outdoor structures.



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