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    Painted Garden Buildings

    Transform the look of your garden building by adding an external high-quality paint system

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    We have a carefully selected range of colours that best complement our outdoor buildings. Either choose a single colour throughout or opt for an additional colour to offset windows, doors and trim items, at no extra cost.





    Devonshire Cream




    Natural Stone

    Silver Mist




    The above colour chart is designed to provide an indication of the colours in the range: it shouldn’t be taken as an exact replication of colour. Please note, these are our Olympian own colour names, for actual colour codes and/or samples please contact the office.

    If this range of colours are not suitable for your needs, we are able to match any colour of your choice (within the Dulux / RAL range), at an extra cost.

    Our Paint Process

    All painted buildings are prepared and painted in house by our dedicated painting team. We use an extensive 5-part paint process to prepare the exterior for painting, ensuring your building has the highest finish.


    We fill and sand back any exposed nail holes with a 2-part filler to cover over unsightly indents in wood from fixing tools.


    A knot blocker is applied to any knots in the wood to prevent bleeding.


    We apply a blocking primer to prevent natural tannin stains from seeping through, to provide additional protection to the building and to increase paint durability.


    We carefully apply 2 coats of Dulux Weathershield exterior opaque paint in the colour of your choice.


    We touch-up any blemishes onsite during installation. Additional paint is supplied with the building on handover for any future touch-ups.