Why should I buy from Olympian?

A family business, established over 35 years ago, we constantly strive to offer a service and product that we would like to receive ourselves. We like to think our knowledge, passion, experience and genuine aim to ensure every customer comes away with a positive experience helps ensure we are the ideal company to work with. Our quality, flexibility and range of buildings sets us apart from most.

We don’t hide behind websites, we’re here to speak to and would welcome anybody to visit our showroom, regularly displaying over 80 buildings – we’d like to think that you wouldn’t feel the trip would be wasted. Check out our google reviews and testimonials if you would like more of an insight.

Is it worth travelling to your factory showroom?

Regularly displaying over 80 display buildings, we’d like to think that we have most designs, sizes and options available to view. You can view the quality, construction and also get a good feel for our company. We’re not pushy sales people, and will give you our honest and best advice. We often have visitors on site and they never leave disappointed.

What is Tanalised?

Tanalised (pressure treated) timber has been impregnated with a preservative under high vacuum pressure, resulting in a deep penetration into the timber. This treatment process gives a much longer lasting protection against rot, fungal decay and insect attack than dipped or sprayed timber.

Do you deliver nationwide?

We are based in Cheshire so all our delivery prices are based on local delivery. On certain buildings we can offer a nationwide delivery / installation however we would have to work out a specific delivery cost to you. Please contact us with your postcode and the type/size of building. We can always manufacture a building for collection from our factory.

I’ve heard about excessive shrinkage on Tanalised timber?

We are the only company that fully air dries our tanalised timber prior to internal storage and final use. We have a designated additional factory premises where all pre cut timber is put out to dry within in a purpose made building. All timber is checked to ensure it has the same moisture content as non tanalised timber. By using damp or wet timber (as many companies do) the timber has far more chance of shrinking beyond its T&G joint, together with increased twisting and shakes appearing in the timber over time too.

Are there any planning restrictions?

Planning restrictions may vary depending on where you are located and where the proposed building is situated in the garden. The normal restriction is the 2.5m overall ridge height when positioned within 2m of the boundary. We would always recommend checking with your local office. Refer to www.planningportal.co.uk for detailed information.

Do you have buildings on display?

We currently have over 80 buildings on display at our Factory Showroom. We are open 6 days a week (closed on a Sunday) and strongly recommend a visit to come and view the quality and variety of options available. We will be more than helpful to sit and work with you to plan out your perfect building!

To check availability, please visit our Showroom page.

Do you install the buildings?

Yes, we install nearly all of our buildings, saving you the time and hassle and ensuring it all fits together correctly. We also offer the option of collection only from the factory or delivery only to your property.

I have an "odd" shape in the garden and a particular required layout, can you help?

Yes, each building we manufacture is made bespoke to the customers requirements. We can make “odd” sizes and shapes. You are not restricted to set sizes or designs. Because of our bespoke capacity, you don’t pay any more for a customised building.

Do you carry out site visits?

Yes we can come out and carry out a site visit in your garden. We can measure up an offer our advice on the size and style of the building that would be best suited for the garden and your needs. The site visits aren’t charged for and can be at a time to suit you.

Do I need to treat a Tanalised building?

Tanalised timber is pressure treated so it is protected against rot. Timber is porous so It will always benefit the building to have an additional preservative on it to repel the water

Do the buildings come with a guarantee?

Our standard garden buildings come with a 1 year structural guarantee. Our range of outdoor rooms (with aluminium windows, cedar cladding, rubber roof) come with different guarantees. All this information is provided to you.

What sort of base do I need?

First and foremost, the base needs to be ‘flat and level’ and a minimum of the size of the building. A helpful advice sheet is sent out on receipt of every order. You need to always remember to allow room for us to install the building and also the roof to overhang. The base can be constructed from paving flags, concrete, timber frames or decking.

Is it cheaper if I install the building?

Yes it is. The saving will vary depending on the size/style of building. We recommend that they are installed by a competent person.

What extras would you recommend for the building?

We offer a wide range of extras and upgrades, depending on your budget and intended use there is something for everyone. A number of available extras for each product can be found within the ‘optional extras’ tab.

What are the payment terms?

For the garden sheds & summerhouses, we require a 15% deposit at the time of order and the final balance is due prior to delivery/ collection.

For the bespoke garden buildings, cedar outdoor rooms, oak garages and gazebos the deposit percentage / payment schedule will differ from the above.
We accept payment by BACS, debit card or cash.

What access do you need?

A helpful advice sheet is sent out as part of your order pack.

We require clear access from where we can park the wagon through to where the base area is. As the buildings come in large sections we need to make sure there are no height restrictions (gate tops, doorways) no tight corners or steps. We need to be able to get within 30 metres to the base area.

What is the current lead time for delivery?

Some buildings are pre manufactured and in stock such as 6’ x 4’ / 7’ x 5’ / 8’ x 6’ Apex and Pent sheds, and are available for collection within 1-4 weeks (or immediate collection).

The lead time for non-stock buildings can vary depending on the specifications and will be discussed with you during the sales consolation with our experienced and friendly team.

What is the difference between a shed and a workshop?

Full specifications can be found within each building category, however, in summary – A Workshop has 2x bigger framework than the Shed, plus, is taller, stronger hinges, available in larger sizes and in a variety of cladding boards.

What does nominal sizes mean?

Nominal sizes refer to timber size prior to machining. The finished size after machining is normally around 4mm less than the nominal size. We can arrange for timber samples to be sent out if this helps in any way.

Will my building require any aftercare maintenance?

A helpful aftercare sheet is sent out with each order.

Timber is a natural product and is ‘alive’. Timber naturally shrinks and expands so your building may require paint or treatment reapplication to affected areas, planing and adjusting doors and/or opening windows and realignment of padbolt or lever lock.

We strongly recommend an exterior preservative is applied and advise regular maintenance of your building such as oiling hinges and locks and refelting roof as necessary.

Keep any overhanging trees or branches cut back as this will deteriorate the roof. Cut back any bushes as they may hold water and soak onto timber and also reduce airflow around the building walls. Add guttering and a soak away.

You will notice some colour changes over time as UV rays from the sun will bleach the timber and cause a silvering/grey colour change over its life.

How long will felt last?

There are a number of factors that influence this – the type of roof (apex / pent), proximity to trees / bushes and the ever changing environment. Standard polyester based felt would, in normal circumstances last around 2-5 years but depends on a number of factors. Other roofing upgrades available range from 10 years to 30. We can happily talk through the options with you.

Is VAT extra?

Unless stated, all prices are fully inclusive of VAT.

Can I put the building straight onto grass?

We aren’t able to install directly onto grass / soil and would always strongly advise customers not to do so. Please bear in mind that if you chose to install your building directly onto grass / soil, the lifespan of the building significantly reduces, together with the chances of the sections not fitting together or misaligning over time.

Can you sort out a base?

Olympian work closely with selected contractors whom we can put you in touch with. Please note, unless stated otherwise, Olympian have no legal responsibility for any work quoted or carried out by any contractors whose details we have passed on.

I have no access into the garden, the panels will have to come through my garage, is this a problem?

With prior notice, we can manufacture the majority building panels in smaller sections to facilitate installation. This would normally incur an extra cost.  We are not able to offer installations through the house or over walls / garage roofs. We are only a telephone call away and will always be happy to help with any questions you have.