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    Terms & Conditions

    1. Nature of building.

    1.1. The exact specification of the core building is available for inspection and discussion. This may vary from buildings on display or illustrated in catalogues or the internet. There may be non-significant discretionary changes to the core building. All sizes and specifications are generic and/or nominal. Nominal means the size prior to planing. The roof will be bigger than the stated size of the building in all circumstances. Floors and panels may be in sections to suit the size of the building, access andavailability of materials.

    1.2 The order form will specify the extras and or variations to the basic specification that are deemed part of the contract. If additional items are not specified then they will not be provided. The customer will not be able to rely upon any suggested verbal agreement as to any part of the specification. Demonstration buildings may have extras or variations from your order. All buildings are made to customer specification.

    1.3 Timber is still alive and changes shape, shrinks or expands and is porous. Planing of doors necessitated by weather changes is the responsibility of the customer. Door turn buttons are provided to help control timber movement and twisting within doors.

    1.4 Names of buildings are generic and do not imply any particular function. All buildings are based upon the same timbers and methods used within our basic garden buildings, irrespective of the final buildings design, features, painting or name.

    2. Time is not the essence of the contract.

    2.1. This means that variations and changes to the date of supply and/or completion shall not be a breach of contract. Should there be reason to make a return visit due to problems with base/access then time will remain “not the essence of the contract“.

    3. Prices and charges

    3.1 Prices are subject to examination and verification by the Office Manager to ensure there are no mistakes. This checking will be done within 10 days of the order date.

    3.2 Prices are not final as the quoted price assumes that there are no problems such as faulty bases or access on the day of installation.

    3.2.1 Return journey and rescheduling charges will be a minimum of 10 % of order value. We reserve the right not to return.

    3.2.2 There will be no reduction of charges if we could not install on the day but the customer installs at a later date.

    3.2.3 If the building cannot installed it will be left at the address .If it cannot be left there will be separate reloading and storage charges.

    3.2.4 If it is possible and cost effective to overcome and or re-work access or base problems on the day of installation then we will endeavour to and associated charges will be made. We obtain authorisation prior to commencing any chargeable re-working.

    3.2.5 If after the building has been ordered it is necessary to re-design the building so that it will able to be installed charges may arise.

    3.2.6 Timber Frames required that are not on the order are chargeable.

    3.3 All extra charges with the exception of 3.2.4 must be paid prior to any return visits.

    3.4 Cancellations – Deposits of 15% are non-refundable with the exception of pre agreed house moves when such is stated on the order. Any other monies held may be returned depending on which stage of manufacture the building has reached.

    3.5 Final payment must be paid in full via cleared funds no later than 14 days prior to delivery/collection.

    3.6 Payment/Card charges. We accept bacs payment, cheque, cash (to Office in Sandbach) or debit card (no charge). Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards.

    4. Agreements & Amendments.

    4.1. Any variations to our terms and conditions must be accepted and agreed in writing. Any post order amendments will only be deemed to have been accepted when confirmed in writing (or by email). Any significant variations from the purpose of the building being as a general purpose garden building are to be detailed in the order from.

    5. Access and Base Requirements

    5.1 The following list (not exclusive) may make installation either not possible or subject to the raising of extra charges; Dog waste, steps, fences/walls, over 30 metres from lorry to base, gate tops, pergolas, car ports, arches, tight corners and going through the house.

    5.2 The base must be firm, the correct size, consolidated and level with no falls in any direction, not elevated above the surrounding area, not be restricted by overhanging branches and have sufficient space around building and its roof to install. This will vary from 20cms to 45 cms depending on the size of the building. Space restrictions may mean that some final trims may not be fixed.

    5.3 The company reserves the right not to return to install the building if it cannot be installed on the original visit because of faults with access/base or any other reason not of the manufactures making. There will be no reduction in charges if this is the case.

    5.4. Parking on the road – Installation can take up to 8 hours. There may be two or more vehicles. Throughout installation staff needs to have access to their delivery vehicle. Arrangements must be made in advance when parking restrictions may apply.

    6. Changes to the building by the customer after installation may invalidate the warranty. Warranty claims shall not cover work to remove and or refit additions or alterations made by the customer.

    7. For “deliver only” buildings and supplies the products will be left at the nearest point from the wagon. The customer must ensure that we can park up close to the delivery point. For collect and delivery only buildings; appropriate skills in the building industry may be needed as no written instructions for the buildings are provided. Collect buildings must be returned to the factory if there is a fault.

    8. If OLS prepares the base by providing the tanalised timber base system then it agrees to do so on the basis that the ground level shall not vary in any direction by more than 2 inches. It will be at the discretion of OSL if they carry on with the base and then make extra charges or decide that no progress on the base can be made.

    9. The customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary consents and approvals. Olympian can provide, if requested, the necessary height/size/volume information.

    10. Until the order value has been paid for in full including any additional charges, the goods remain the property of OSL.

    11. The customer shall pay reasonable costs for any inspections regarding any matters of alleged defect unless there is a liability under any warranty.

    12. Structures made by Olympian Sheds are not made to building regulations. Accordingly they will not be able to withstand the weather in a way that a house would. We recommend using Protect Membrane to help control water ingress especially in exposed locations. There may be water marking at panel edges depending upon exposure to the elements.

    13. Introduction of another contractor. Any contract that is made between the customer and another contractor is entered into without any warranty from OSL. This contract with another contractor is separate and distinct from any contract with OSL.

    14. OLS products, not directly sold from the factory are sold by independent traders. These traders are not agents and have their own legal personality.

    15. Ex demonstration buildings. It is accepted that these buildings will have wear and tear and are open to full inspection. Only structural and material faults will be remedied.

    16. We will not be able to schedule or manufacture your building until a signed order copy and deposit are received.

    17. Bank details (Olympian Sheds Ltd) – Please include your order number and surname as the payment reference.

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