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    Contemporary Garden Rooms: A Guide

    15 January 2021

    Category: General

    Contemporary Garden Rooms: A Guide

    Here at Olympian Garden Buildings, our handcrafted range of contemporary garden rooms offer you an elegant and peaceful retreat from the world. Built bespoke to your design requirements, the perfect contemporary garden room gives you that all-important room to breathe, as well as adding an extra functional space that’s built to last. We know that for many of us, time at home has become an essential part of our working and personal lives – so why not allow yourself a little extra space? Whether for working, unwinding or entertaining – our range of insulated garden buildings can provide the perfect place to be.

    Contemporary Garden Rooms: A Guide

    At Olympian, we will make your journey to finding your very own summerhouse a straightforward process. We’ll help you understand the requirements of the structure, the garden room design options available to you, as well as giving advice for all the must-haves you need for your very own contemporary garden room. In this guide from Olympian Garden Buildings, we bring you everything you need to know about installing and buying Contemporary Garden Rooms.

    What Is A Contemporary Garden Room? 

    So, how do we differentiate between garden rooms and summerhouses: given that both summer garden buildings can be fully insulated and enjoy lots of natural light? In reality, it comes down to design.

    Our garden room designs are elegant, contemporary freestanding structures, clad in eye-catching, superior-grade Cedar timber. Every consideration has been given to their construction, materials, glazing, doors and windows to ensure that the finished product is a garden building built to last.

    Contemporary garden rooms have a multi-layer construction system, using materials which are more commonly found in building houses. This naturally makes them much more durable, as a contemporary garden room is made up of multiple panels, including structural boards and membranes.

    Standard summerhouses and studios are typically framed using 3” x 2” framework. Olympian’s contemporary garden rooms use 4” x 2” framework at a maximum of 400mm spacing, ensuring a solid overall construction that will stand the test of time.

    In terms of natural light, the contemporary garden room is at an advantage as it comes as standard with large aluminium framed double glazed windows and doors which allow for light to flood the rooms.

    Durability and Versatility: Garden Rooms Built To Last

    At Olympian Garden Buildings, we know that a contemporary garden room might serve any number of purposes. Whether you’re looking to build a home office, create a tranquil garden getaway or even an artist’s painting studio, we know that your contemporary garden room needs to be able to suit you exactly.

    Unlike many competitors, Olympian’s contemporary garden rooms are clad in #2 grade kiln dried Western Red Cedar, . This choice of cladding is because cedar garden rooms are naturally attractive as well as highly durable. In the harsh, all-weather environment of outdoor garden rooms, cedar garden rooms can enjoy 20-year lifespans without visibly ageing.

    The materials used to make our garden buildings have been carefully selected for durability and longevity. A 4” x 2” framework, 10mm OSB outer boarding, baton and 22mm cedar boards combine to create the outside wall. 90mm Kingspan insulation and moisture resistant plasterboard complete the internal wall, to ensure that the building is moisture resistant and resistant to damp or draughts.

    The roof construction includes 120mm of Kingspan insulation, 6” x 2” joists or engineered I-Beams set at 400mm. These factors ensure that your garden building is built to last – and is why the overall construction of our contemporary garden rooms is industry-leaving.

    Providing a solid foundation for all manner of uses, the garden room floor is constructed using a 4” x 2” framework, 22mm floor boards with an 18mm plywood covering plus the addition of 60mm Kingspan insulation underneath the boards. This design creates a substantial base able to withstand heavy loads without needing reinforcement, ideal for home gyms, with heavy equipment or games rooms with a full-sized pool table as an example. Our Kingspan insulation is a market-leader for its unparalleled protection and insulation of our garden buildings.

    Creating Your Own Garden Room 

    After all, we know that the best part of creating your very own contemporary garden room is designing and customising it your own way. By choosing from our range of features, you can make your contemporary garden room an extension of your home. Create a modern, sleek garden room with our aluminium-framed glass windows and doors, a stylish and practical way to let in natural light. Our wood-framed windows and doors have classic lines, perfectly at home in both rural and urban settings. Whatever style you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy elegant, contemporary living in your bespoke garden room from Olympian.

    Ask Us Anything About Garden Rooms 

    If you are hoping to install a garden building for a clean, modern space which enjoys plenty of natural light, we think our collection of contemporary garden rooms here at Olympian Garden Buildings is the perfect place to find it.

    Not only are our handcrafted range of rooms built bespoke to your design and sizing requirements, but all our specifications meet current building regulations for new build properties. This guarantees that not only will your space be beautiful and original, it will be built to last. Our experienced installation team ensures that from start to finish, the entire process of creating your garden building is managed and assisted by us.

    If you’d like to speak to us about your contemporary garden room ideas (even if it’s just an idea!)  feel free to get in touch with us by email on sales@olympiangardenbuildings.co.uk or call us on 01270 759 775.

    Better yet, why not book an appointment to visit our outdoor showroom in Sandbach, home to the North West’s largest display of garden buildings. We are open in accordance with local legislation and available Monday to Saturday, with over 80 garden buildings on display! We’ll be happy to discuss any requirements with you!

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