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    Why You Should Invest In a Heavy-Duty Shed This Winter 

    29 November 2019

    Category: General

    Why You Should Invest In a Heavy-Duty Shed This Winter 

    No matter what you’re moving around, nothing beats the feeling of security, comfort and stability of knowing that your belongings are securely tucked away in a heavy-duty shed from Olympian Garden Buildings. Heavy-duty sheds offer secure outdoor storage which can withstand adverse weather conditions, perfect for the winter storage of any items.

    As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, it’s increasingly apparent that winter is on its way. The approach of the festive season brings joy, cheer – and an awful lot of moving around! Whether it’s digging the box of Christmas decorations out of the shed, or de-cluttering the guest room to make room for visiting friends and family, we know that the winter months call for plenty of organisation. 


    Heavy-Duty Shed Range

    Our heavy-duty shed range boasts a number of different designs and styles, all with the same Olympian guarantee of protection and durability, but with subtly different aesthetic choices. All constructed from the strongest Swedish timber, the strong and solid design of our sheds provides a space guaranteed to keep your furniture, tools, belongings or equipment secure and dry. A variety of cladding options are available to improve performance and appearance, with wide doors, enabling ease of access as well as strengthening timbers around the frame.


    Heavy-Duty Apex Shed

    The heavy-duty apex shed range offers storage with a heightened level of strength and security. These apex sheds boast the standard heavy duty floors and fully tanalised timber throughout their frame, but also offer additional ceiling height thanks to their iconic apex shape, double doors, galvanized hinges and padbolt. 


    These apex sheds are perfect for the year-round storage of large-scale, expensive equipment such as motorbikes and ride-on mowers, as well as the protection of indoor furniture or belongings for the festive period.


    Heavy-Duty Security Shed

    Olympian’s range of heavy-duty security sheds have similar protective properties to our apex shed range, with approximately similar space to store larger high-value items and equipment like ride-on mowers and power tools. In addition, however, these outdoor buildings offer a wide number of security features to deter would-be thieves and give you peace of mind that your equipment is safe and secure. 

    For instance, the Olympian heavy-duty security shed range boasts 16”galvanised hinges and padbolt as standard, and each window is double-beaded and sealed with 3mm toughened glass. Whatever you need to store over the winter, you can rest assured that a heavy-duty security shed will guarantee its protection. 


    Heavy Duty Pent Shed

    Our heavy-duty pent sheds offer a single sloped roof as an alternative to the traditional apex design of outdoor buildings, without compromising on the safety and security of the range. Much like the alternative designs in this range, each pent shed boasts heavy duty floors and fully tanalised timber throughout. Scaleable to your chosen size, these sheds offer an alternative design for the safe storage of your household goods and equipment during the winter season. 

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