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    Apex, Pent, or Heavy- Duty: Understanding And Selecting The Right Garden Shed For You

    29 January 2021

    Category: General

    Apex, Pent, or Heavy- Duty: Understanding And Selecting The Right Garden Shed For You

    Here at Olympian Garden Buildings, we know that the right garden shed can transform your outdoor space. It might sound grandiose, but it’s true – a beautiful, freestanding structure with a practical purpose is a game-changer for those with outdoor space.  Created to the very highest standards of quality and individually customisable to your tastes, our garden sheds let you maximise your garden space however you like.

    Apex, Pent, or Heavy- Duty: Understanding And Selecting The Right Garden Shed For You

    Sleek yet functional, garden sheds from Olympian are the ultimate last word in both style and comfort – and designed to impress. 

    Offering neat storage and optimal organisation, our range of garden sheds is able to offer you a practical workspace that you can customise for size, layout, and additional features. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a space created entirely and uniquely for you, so why not come and ask about creating your garden shed with our fully bespoke service? 

    We’ve created an overview of our best-selling sheds and their features, to find which garden shed is your perfect fit. Read more: 

    Apex Shed

    A traditional, timeless staple, the apex garden shed is the true pinnacle of classic, beautiful shed design. As the name suggests, the apex shed has an attractive ‘apex’ roof design, with a tapered high ceiling. A great choice for those who want to use their garden shed for practical manual work, these higher walls and ceilings allow a greater degree of space for moving and maneuvering. Available in Standard, Large, and Heavy-Duty forms, the apex shed allows the perfect amount of room for those who require a greater storage space for large tools or bulky equipment. 

    Pent Shed

    For customers who prefer a sleeker, smaller design, the pent shed is a stylish alternative to the apex shed. Defined by a single, sloping roof, the pent shed is a neat and space-efficient solution to the problem of a small garden area. This model’s attractive, modern shed design often works for people who like a more contemporary look for their outside space. 

    Sound like you? Why not enquire about our pent sheds today! 

    The standard pent shed offers a seamless blend to its surroundings, whether a fence, a hedge, or an outdoor wall, providing a functional space for storage of smaller items such as bikes, tools, or general garden equipment. A similar option for maximising space can be found in our range of Alleyway sheds. A clever and compact solution to smaller size requirements, alleyway sheds offer a smart way to maximise space which is usually left unused areas at the side of a house or garage, without compromising on your shed’s quality or design. 

    Heavy-Duty Shed

    Our heavy-duty shed range takes on the challenge of providing quality support and storage for your space needs, whilst retaining the style and elegance you associate with Olympian Garden Buildings. Available in Apex, Security, and Pent styles, our heavy-duty sheds are perfect for storing larger items, whilst our security range ensures the safety of your more valuable and larger equipment, like motorbikes and ride-on mowers. The ideal way to store those bulkier or higher-value items, our Heavy-Duty Sheds are a companion for life. Learn more! 

    Struggling? We Know Our Garden Sheds

    Shed installation can be a daunting process, particularly if this is the first time you’ve entered the world of choosing and fitting your garden shed. 

    With hands-on management of the entire process, from design, materials, bespoke features, and final installation, we at Olympian Garden Buildings make sure you stay in control of your choices – whilst letting us do the work!

    To discuss your needs with our support team, please feel free to contact us today by email, at sales@olympiangardenbuildings.co.uk, call us on 01270 759 775. Better still, visit our factory show site where we have over 80 display buildings to view by appointment. Our experienced team is on-hand six days a week and will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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